20 Kitchen Hacks To Save Time

Exciting kitchen hacks

I love searching Instagram for hacks and tips for my home. Here are 20 ideas I found for the kitchen.

They range from breakfast tips for toddlers to clever shelving ideas, and even a beautiful ginger jar to uplift your décor theme. Take a look!

softdrink can holder

Credit: Instagram

My first hack is an Amazon product that really makes sense! Stacking loads of soft drink cans in the fridge takes up space and I find that they never remain in one place. They are forever rolling around and falling out whenever the door is opened.

These plastic holders securely hold 4 cans each and also have a handy carry handle. You can stack them vertically or horizontally to make the best use of the space you have.

When you are ready for a picnic or outdoor lunch, simply grab a few and you are set.

cucumber spiral

Credit: Instagram

Check out this ingenious kitchen trick, but just a warning, it’s not kid-friendly! Watch as she cleverly transforms a soft drink can into a spiral cutter for cucumbers. Surprisingly, it performs just as efficiently as the store-bought gadget!

Simply by flipping the can over and slicing a flap, it becomes a makeshift tool for spiraling cucumbers. These spiralized cucumbers are great for summer salads and sushi platters. Are you adventurous enough to give this a try?

corner wall shelves

Credit: Instagram

This hack really appeals to me. Corners are always forgotten spaces and this idea makes use of any corner, creating storage space from nothing! They can be used for books, ornaments, flowers, and more.

In the kitchen, they are ideal for storing plates, dishes, glassware, jars, and tins. By mixing and matching the designs, you can create any look you want. The wood look is perfect for a rustic, country-style, or farm-style kitchen décor theme.

chocolate fondue

Credit: Instagram

If you need a quick dessert and don’t have any ideas, this delicious Chocolate Fondue is simple to make.

For the dipping fondue chocolate you need

1 cup (8 ounces) heavy cream
Pinch salt
12 ounces milk or dark chocolate (chips or roughly chopped bar)

Follow these steps –

Heat the cream with a pinch of salt over medium heat in a small saucepan until tiny bubbles show and it begins to simmer slowly.

Remove from heat, add the chocolate, and whisk until smooth and fully incorporated.

Serve immediately – Transfer the chocolate mix to a fondue pot heated over a low flame, or serve it straight from the pot.

Choose these easy dip-treats
– Brownies (or other small biscuits)
– Strawberries
– Marshmallows
– Grapes

easy toddler breakfast ideas

Credit: Instagram

When my grandkids stay over, I usually need some help with breakfast ideas. This Instagram post offers some great options to try out.

I guess that they may not all be favorites, but even if a few of them work, I am happy. So far, the toast with pb&j is a winner, followed by the freezer waffles. I will try to offer them something a bit more healthy like greens and granola, but let’s see!

fridge organize

Credit: Instagram

If you never know what is in your fridge, you need this hack! Pack everything into plastic containers and keep the contents of your fridge neat, tidy, and visible.

I love this idea because I will never forget something at the back of the fridge and only find it when it is long past its expiry date.

The cut-out handles fit so neatly together. Extended handles take up space and make stacking more complex. Get organized fast with plastic containers!

slipper mop

Credit: Instagram

This next idea is a fun and versatile hack for cleaning! The mops can be worn on your hands or your feet. Wiping and cleaning is super easy and the mops can be washed when you are done.

When it comes to feet – I would probably be nervous to slip on slippery floors. Maybe I will just wear them on my hands.

ginger jar

Credit: Instagram

This is less of a hack and more of a ‘feel good’ idea. Are you looking for ways to uplift your kitchen decor theme?

This lovely image focuses on a fabulous large ginger jar, that compliments the serene blue and white tones.

Did you know that Ginger Jars Ginger jars trace their roots back to ancient China where they were originally used to store valuable spices and … ginger? Nowadays, these ornate jars serve as both functional containers and exquisite decorative pieces, showing your unique style in DIY interior decorating.

open shelving

Credit: Instagram

Another great hack for me is open shelving. Open shelves make it so easy to quickly find and access utensils, crockery, glasses, jars, jugs, and other much-used kitchen equipment.

No more opening and closing doors to find what you need. Everything is clearly visible. And, you can add some pretty ornaments, flowers, and attractive baskets to add to the decor theme of your kitchen.

small forgotten corners

Credit: Instagram

Here is another hack that makes use of small corner spaces that are forgotten. These versatile shelves attach to the side of a closet and can be used to store glass containers of spices, condiments, and herbs.

Using this hack, you can see how the corner of the kitchen instantly becomes a space that is usable, attractive, and accessible. Look for clear plastic or glass containers and bold neat labels so you easily find what you are looking for.

Corn gadget

Credit: Instagram

Corn on the cob smothered in butter and salt is a family favorite! But, corn off the cob is so useful for putting into salads, fritters, cornbread, sandwiches, and more.

Holding a slippery cob and trying to slice off the corn with a knife can be really dangerous and tricky. I was amazed when I found this Instagram post where they have a gadget that easily takes the corn off the cob! What a great idea. The recipe also looks delicious, I will certainly give it a try.

Credit: Instagram

Love-is-in-the-air hack! If you are planning a romantic dinner, you need to know how to fold napkins like this. This video shows you in simple easy steps how to fold the napkin into a cute heart shape. Give it a try, it is easy and fun.

Napkins made of natural linen work best as they hold their shape. For a Valentine’s Day dinner, choose red napkins and add a vase of red roses to the table.

Make your own tablecloths

Credit: Instagram

If you are a bit artistic and can draw – even simple line drawings – this is such a great idea. I have tried this by tracing images I got off Freepik onto tracing paper and then transposing them onto a blank tablecloth using a black marker.

This is a great idea for a summer outdoor lunch, a brunch at the beach or the pool, or an evening barbecue. You will certainly get your guests talking about your creative skills.

sliding shelf storage

Credit: Instagram

Maximize your kitchen space with sliding shelf storage, a genius hack that brings organization to new heights. By effortlessly sliding shelves in and out, you can easily access items tucked away at the back of cabinets, making meal prep a breeze. Say goodbye to rummaging through clutter and hello to efficient storage solutions!

These shelves are lightweight and easy to clean. They are strong enough to hold plates, bottles, and jars. You can install them in open shelving or in closed closets. I like that the color is white, it blends in with any décor theme.

Credit: Instagram

This is the coolest hack that you cannot miss! Peeling potatoes cannot get easier than this. You simply slice around the center of the potato, boil it until soft, and then pull off the skins. Take a look at the video on the Instagram link to see how it is done.

If you want to make a potato salad, here is a great potato salad recipe that I use all the time. Remember the hack to get the skin off the potatoes!

Credit: Instagram

I love having fresh flowers in the house, but they usually don’t last long. This easy hack ensures that your flowers will last much longer.

As you can see from the video, the trick is to cut the stems under the water. Scientifically this prevents air pockets from forming. Air pockets prevent the absorption of water. By eliminating air pockets, water can be absorbed right away and your flowers last for weeks.

bamboo picnic set

Credit: Instagram

Trying to be eco-friendly does require a lot of thought and work, and not everyone can get it right. But, this versatile picnic set goes a long way towards making your lifestyle eco-aware.

Get rid of your plastic cutlery and replace them with reusable bamboo cutlery. They look stylish and won’t harm the environment. Do you know that plastic can remain on the planet for hundreds of years, polluting oceans and harming wildlife.

Bamboo is a natural, sustainable product that is ethically produced. Switching is a small step towards a greener future.

easy effective cleaning mix

Credit: Instagram

This is a great hack if you ever run out of cleaning liquid and can’t get to the store to buy more. You simply need

1/2 cup warm water
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup lemon juice

Mix them together and you have a super-strong cleaning agent that will cut through grease and grime and will leave your kitchen smelling fresh too. If you have exotic surfaces like rare woods, agate, onyx, or laminated surfaces, do a patch test first to ensure that no damage from the acid will be done.

croissant chicken caesar

Credit: Instagram

This is one of my go-to hacks when I have run out of ideas for lunch or brunch. The Croissant Chicken Caesar is so easy to make and my family loves it.

Most of the ingredients are things that you usually have in your house. Just make sure you can get freshly baked croissants from your nearby bakery. Or, if you are ambitious you can replace the croissants with homemade English muffins. If you are not into baking, toasted sourdough bread is also delicious with this chicken mix.

genius barbecue tips

Credit: Instagram

A barbecue makes for a great family bonding session. But, you don’t want things going wrong to ruin the mood.

Here are some clever Barbecue Tips that I always use.

– Clean the grill with an onion
– Use ice cubes to keep burgers moist
– Make your grill non-stick with a potato
– Don’t let your wooden sticks burn
– Skewer your food making it easier to flip

The Wrap

So, happy hacking, and enjoy. Whether you want to spiral cucumbers, invite the neighbors for a barbecue, or plan a romantic dinner, there is always a hack to make it easier, quicker, and smarter.